Last updated: March 30th, 2016


Hotels within walking distance

ICIQ 2016 organization recommends Doña Carlota and Cumbria hotels because they are the nearest hotels to the meeting venue. More information about these hotels can be found on their official webpages: Hotel Doña Carlota. The prices are the following:

Hotel Doña Carlota
  • Double room for single use: 50€ per night.
  • Double room: 55€ per night.
  • Breakfast included.
  • Additional services: free wi-fi and free car parking.
  • Lock 35 double rooms with entrance on June 19th and departure on June 24th.

Other nearby hotels

However, if you are interested in choosing another hotel, these are other options:

Do you need help?

For managing your trip, you can contact Verónica Cano ( at Ágora Viajes (

You can also contact her at the phone: +34 926 920 561

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