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  • 2nd Quantum Software Engineering and Technology Workshop (QuSET)

    20th October 2021

    The Alarcos Group in collaboration with aQuantum have organised the second edition of the Quantum Software Engineering and Technology Workshop (QSET) held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (IEEE Quantum Week). In this edition, our colleagues Ricardo Pérez del Castillo, Mario Piattini, Manuel A. Serrano once again unveiled the Talavera Manifesto which has become an international reference for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

    On the other hand, Jose Luis Hevia, Guido Peterssen, Ezequiel Murina, Aurelio Martínez from aQuantum with our colleague Mario Piattini have presented the paper "QuantumPath ®'s Annealer Compositor", which facilitates the definition and execution of algorithms in quantum or digital annealing computers. Also Javier Verdugo and Moisés Rodríguez took advantage of a presentation at this workshop to raise awareness of "Software Quality Issues in Quantum Information Systems", as it is essential to produce quantum software while ensuring its quality.

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