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  • Software: to green or not to green, that´s the question

    27th October 2021

    On 27 October Coral Calero will give the guest lecture entitled: Software: to green or not to green, that's the question, within the 9th International Conference in Software Engineering Research and Innovation (CONISOFT 21), organised by the San Diego Global Knowledge University in San Diego, USA.

    The conference will review different concepts related to software sustainability, its relationship with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will show different results on software consumption measurements through examples of mass-use software and other cases related to software and software engineering, carried out with the aim of creating a set of good practices for the profession. The ultimate goal is to make the audience aware of the consumption problem associated with software and to ensure that, if at the beginning of software was concerned with the "what" and then the "how", now is the time to focus on the "with what".

    More Information: CONISOFT 2021

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