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  • World Informatics Day

    10th December 2021

    Our colleague Mario Piattini has participated in the COIICLM Computer Science Awards 2021 at the "World Computing Day" held on December 9, 2021 in Talavera de la Reina and organized by the Official College of Computer Engineers of Castilla-La Mancha, sponsored by AQCLab.

    In his talk entitled "Software and Data Quality", Mario Piattini commented on the increasing dependence (both as a country, region, company and individual) on software and data; as well as the importance of developing software and managing data with the necessary quality.

    He also presented the achievements of the two spinoffs of the Alarcos group: AQCLab with 15 years of existence, focused on the quality of software processes with models based on the ISO/IEC 33000 standard, which built the first laboratory accredited by ENAC-ILAC at international level for Software and Data Quality Assessment based on the ISO/IEC 25000 family of standards; and DQTeam with 4 years of existence, specialized both in the quality of data management processes, data quality management and data governance with the MAMD Model, and in the evaluation and improvement of data quality based on the ISO/IEC 25012 standard.

    He also highlighted the research being carried out by the software sustainability area (Green Team) led by Coral Calero and Mariángeles Moraga, who have just published the book Software Sustainability in the Springer publishing house; as well as the work related to quantum software quality being carried out at aQuantum following the principles of the Manifiesto de Talavera .

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