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  • Application of ISO/IEC TR 33014 to the Improvement of Green IT Processes

    23th December 2021

    Our colleagues David Patón, Moisés Rodríguez and Mario Piattini together with professor Maria Teresa Baldassarre from the University of Bari and the Colombian researchers from the Unidad Central del Valle del Cauca (UCEVA), have published the article"Application of ISO/IEC TR 33014 to the Improvement of Green IT Processes", in the journal Computer Standards & Interfaces of the Elsevier publishing house.


    This article addresses the issue of the improvement of Green IT processes through the application of ISO/IEC TR 33014 to this area, based on a case study in a Colombian organization. The results and findings obtained through this application demonstrate the usefulness and importance of making improvement plans for Green IT processes when implementing best practices in this regard. Also, following standards such as ISO/IEC TR 33014 for process improvement helps to obtain more reliable results, as well as more effective and efficient practices and processes.

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