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  • Maintenance and Evolution of Information
    Systems, 2nd ed.

    17th Febrero 2023

    Our colleagues Ricardo Pérez, Ignacio García, Francisco Ruiz, Macario Polo and Mario Piattini have published the second edition of the book Mantenimiento y Evolución de Sistemas de Información on Amazon, available both in Kindle and paperback versions.

    This book gathers works in this field, the result of numerous projects carried out by the Alarcos group of the UCLM from the late nineties to the present day; and pursues the following objectives: to present in a clear and summarised way the fundamental concepts related to software maintenance and evolution, to offer a systematic treatment of the international standards related to the maintenance process and software maintainability, to analyse the techniques and tools that can facilitate software evolution, offering methodologies to approach software maintenance and evolution.

    Throughout this work, academic rigour has been combined with practical experience, providing readers with a current and complete overview of the problems associated with maintenance.

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