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  • Software Engineering for Quantum Computing: Challenges and Opportunities

    22th February 2021

    Our colleague Mario Piattini will give, next February 24 at 16:00, the first SISTEDES seminar with the title: Software Engineering for Quantum Computing: Challenges and Opportunities.

    The seminar is open to anyone interested and is free of charge. To register, please use the link:


    If we consider the 19th century as the machine age, and the 20th century as the information age, the 21st century will be the quantum age. In fact, since the beginning of the "second quantum revolution" in the 1980s, several algorithms and quantum computers based on different technologies have been proposed and have been able to demonstrate their great advantage over "classical" computers. There are already numerous programming languages (qGCL, Q Language, QML, Quipper, OpenQASM, Qiskit, Q#), development environments (Forest, Qiskit, Cirq, QDK, Orquestra) and platforms (Quantum Inspire, IQ Experience, Quantum Playground, Forge, LIQUi|>, etc.). However, it is not enough, it is necessary to go one step further and be aware of the need for a true "Quantum Software Engineering", in order to produce quantum software with adequate quality and productivity. To this end we promote the "Talavera Manifesto for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming". The conference will outline the challenges and opportunities that, in this regard, quantum software must address.

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