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  • "Investiga que no es poco" talk with Mario Piattini about quantum computing

    16th April 2021

    The radio program Investiga que no es poco of CMM (Castilla la Mancha Media) interviews our colleague Mario Piattini, in this interview highlights the importance that quantum computing will have in the history of computer science, and exposes the work that UCLM is doing in this field. The Manifesto de Talavera is also discussed, as well as the joint unit aQuantum established between the Alarcos Group and Alhambra IT, which among other fruits has allowed the organization of the congresses QANSWER, QSET and QUATIC; as well as the achievement of the project QSALUD of the CDTI's MISIONES program, and collaboration in the dissemination of the tool QPath .

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