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  • Modelling Quantum Circuits with UML

    28th May 2021

    Our colleagues Ricardo Pérez del Castillo, Luis Jiménez Navajas and Mario Piattini have presented the article Modelling Quantum Circuits with UML in the workshop Q-SE (Quantum Software Engineering) de la 43ª edición de la International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2021), held May 23-29, 2021, the paper addressing the challenge of quantum software design.

    Since UML is a proven modeling language and has been widely used by the industry for a long time, we propose an extension of UML for the representation of quantum algorithms. Our proposal comprises the definition of a UML profile based on several stereotypes that can be applied to UML activity diagrams. be applied to existing UML activity diagrams to represent quantum circuits. The advantage of this representation is that quantum circuits The advantage of this representation is that UML quantum circuits can be interrelated with other UML elements and diagrams, which will allow representing various concerns and viewpoints of the so-called hybrid information systems. of so-called hybrid information systems.

    Consequently, this will make it possible to jointly model classical and quantum aspects in integrated designs in a technology-agnostic way, as advocated by the as advocated by the Talavera Manifesto .

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