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    06th July 2021

    Félix García, Óscar Pedreira y Mario Piattini, are the authors of a new book: GAMIFICATION AND ITS APPLICATION TO SOFTWARE ENGINEERING.

    Gamification, understood as the application of game techniques in non-game environments, is one of the most important trends for this decade. But we have to be aware that the implementation of gamification is relatively recent, so we still have a lot to learn both in terms of how to introduce it in organizations and the technological and psychological issues that can determine its success. This work aims to be a first step on this path, contributing to the dissemination of gamification that can bring so many benefits to our lives.

    This work gathers different aspects related to gamification, fundamentally encompassed in the aspects of terminology and conceptualization, importance and history, and technologies, platforms and applications. A special emphasis is dedicated to gamification in Software Engineering in which the authors have developed several projects.

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