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  • Describing how to implement MAMDv3.0 through a case study

    09th July 2021

    On July 1, 2021, our colleague Ismael Caballero gave a talk "Describing how to implement MAMDv3.0 through a case study" to the Data Governance Working Group of the CRUE-TIC sectorial.

    During the session, Ismael described to the attendees the Alarcos Model for Data Improvement (MAMDv3.0) as a reference framework of good practices in data governance and data quality management to better guide the necessary efforts in this area. In addition, as an example, he explained how this model is being used as one of the bases of the modernization process of the Canary Islands Statistics Institute (ISTAC) to meet the aspects related to data governance, data management and data quality management required by the Canary Islands Statistics Plan 2018-2022. The MAMDv3.0 model was introduced.

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