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  • Mario Piattini interviewed by Conocimiento e Innovación, Revista Digital del Postgrado en Informática

    27th September 2021

    Our colleague Mario Piattini has been interviewed by the Conocimiento e Innovación Digital Journal of Postgraduate Studies in Computer Science, of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in Argentina. Said interview has been published in the issue 5 of the journal, September 2021, which is dedicated to the relationship between Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies. Among other things, it emphasizes the importance of master's degrees, doctorates and continuing education in the field of computer science because, on the one hand, the software industry is still too people-intensive; and, on the other hand, the knowledge we acquire becomes obsolete in less than a decade, due to the strong evolution that exists in our area, which is not comparable to any other.

    As for the articulation between University and Business, Piattini proposes that it should take place in the framework of a very intense cooperation model, looking for a common problem that interests both industry and university; and points out that in the field of computer science we are very fortunate in that we have dozens of problems faced by industry and organizations in general that are very interesting from the research point of view.

    Regarding master's degrees, he distinguishes in the interview, between professional vs. research master's degrees, and for the latter in the case of Computer Science, he thinks that it could be more focused on "science" or "engineering" being both approaches equally valid and valuable.

    Finally, with regard to doctorates, Mario Piattini believes that if we want to attract more doctoral students from the public administration or industry, the "Industrial Doctorate" could be a good way forward; and that co-tutelated doctorates are a very useful mechanism for enriching the doctoral thesis and achieving interesting collaborations.

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