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  • Investigating the impact on execution time and energy consumption of developing with Spring

    15th October 2021

    Our partners Coral Calero, Macario Polo and Mª Ángeles Moraga have published the article entitled: "Investigating the impact on execution time and energy consumption of developing with Spring" in the magazine Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems.


    Respect for the environment has become a feature of life that must be taken into account in today's society. However, despite the fact that software consumes large amounts of energy, it seems that the software development industry has not yet become aware of this issue. As software engineers, we must help to bring about a change of vision in the industry. A good way to do this is to give companies clear guidelines on how to act. In this article we present an example of this, focusing on Spring. Spring is a server-side Java development framework that reduces the time to market for new applications, helps developers save a lot of development time and thus improves their productivity. Our goal is to find out whether all these advantages are also accompanied by a good performance in energy consumption. For this purpose, we have compared the execution time and energy consumption required by three versions of the same application, developed with and without Spring. This paper presents all the details of the study and our conclusions about the suitability of using Spring in the development of software applications.

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