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  • A new path to create solutions for Quantum Annealing problems

    29th October 2021

    Our colleague Mario Piattini, in conjunction with José Luis Hevia, Guido Peterssen y Ezequiel Murina de aQuantum have published the article “A new path to create solutions for Quantum Annealing problems” in the Nº 3, Vol. 11, September 2021 del Journal of Quantum Information Science of Scientific Research Publishing.

    The QPath platform has been released this month, making a QuantumPath ®, Free Developer, available to the general public at


    As we know, quantum annealing is one of the most promising approaches in the near term. However, software development platforms do not offer user-friendly interfaces for the definition of annealing problems. This paper presents a solution to this problem: QPath ® Annealer Compositor that facilitates the definition and execution of annealing algorithms on quantum and digital computers. To illustrate this special interface, an example based on a nursing planning program is used.

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