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  • Congratulations Mario Piattini

    08th November 2018

    According to the study carried out by the platform ScienceDirect, our colleague Mario Piattini is among the 20 best researchers in the world most active in Software Engineering.

    The document presents the results of a bibliometric study between 2010 and 2017 that identifies the emerging research lines, the 20 most important institutions and the 20 top academics in early stage, consolidated and with experience in the field of Software Engineering.

    >. Only researchers from the UCLM and the Polytechnic of Madrid referenced.

    br>. Mario Piattini together with Natalia Juristo, professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, are the only experienced Spanish researchers referenced in this list of scholars in their field, and also the only ones if we also take into account the section of consolidated researchers and those in initial stages. In the Experienced, Professor Piattini is ranked 11 (from 11 to 15 researchers are tied for points), with 20 articles published in one of the seven leading journals of high scientific impact in Software Engineering.

    >. The study of the 'top 20 researchers' has been carried out according to four variables: count of documents in which the author participates, average impact of the works, seniority of the authors and homogeneity of the publications in different journals.

    >. Professor Mario Piattini has a PhD in Computer Science and a degree in Psychology. He joined UCLM in 1997 and is currently Professor of Languages and Information Systems at this academic institution, where he also directs the Alarcos research group. His lines of research focus on software quality and information systems security. His work has brought with it several recognitions. Thus in 2011 he was selected among the 15 'Top scholars in the field of Systems and Software Engineering' and in 2017 the Sociedad Científica Informática de España awarded the National Informatics Prize 2016 to the researcher under 55 years of age.

    Also published in: LanzaDigital - UCLM TV

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