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    13th December 2018

    Members of the Alarcos group attended the third HELENA Workshop "Hybrid dEveLopmENt Approaches in software systems development".

    Started at ICSSP 2016 (Austin, Texas) HELENA ("Hybrid dEveLopmENt Approaches in software systems development") aims to investigate the current state of practice in the development of software and systems. In particular, to determine which development approaches (traditional, agile, general or proprietary) are used in practice and how they are combined, how such combinations are developed over time, and whether and how standards (e.g. security standards) affect the development process as such and the methods applied. With this information, the aim is to drive systematic process design and improvement activities that enable more efficient and lower overhead development approaches.

    The results of a survey in which 50 countries participated were presented at this workshop. The results of the survey were related to the types of development methodologies typically used by companies in these countries. Félix García presented a study of the differences in software development between Spanish and Costa Rican companies. Translated with

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