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Data Governance: The key to the success of a data-driven organization

12th May 2020

Our colleague Ismael Caballero has participated in a webinar promoted by the Club Data Governance Office Latam (DGO) with the talk Data Governance: The key to the success of a data-driven organization.

In his talk, Ismael explained to the attendees that data governance is one of the most important instruments for data driven organizations. (those that base all their decisions on data) can succeed in their business processes, providing and explaining various definitions of data governance and the difference between technical government and government for value, and how the latter should rely on the former.

Finally, he explained the elements that organizations should incorporate into their structures in order to carry out data governance, as well as the frameworks the most important ones in the market.

The conclusion is that "data driven" companies could get good results from the analyses they perform without proper data governance, but if the opposite is the case, base their decisions on governed data, then those results will be aligned with the organization's strategy, and therefore much more valuable and monetizable.

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