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A Common Terminology for Software Risk Management

31th March 2022

Our colleagues Félix García and Mario Piattini, together with the researchers Jhon Masso, César Pardo and Francisco Pino of the Universidad del Cauca have published the article: “A Common Terminology for Software Risk Management” in the magazin ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).

To improve and maintain their competitiveness over time, organizations today need to undertake different initiatives to adopt frameworks, models and standards that allow them to align and improve their business processes. Despite these efforts, organizations may still encounter governance and management issues; this is where Risk Management (RM) can play an important role, as its purpose is to contribute to the creation and preservation of value in the context of the organization's processes. This paper proposes an ontology called SRMO (Software Risk Management Ontology), which aims to unify the terms and concepts associated with RM and provide an integrated and holistic view of risk.

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