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Model-driven management of BPMN-based business process families

06th April 2022

Our colleague Félix García, together with Andrea Delgado and Daniel Calegari from the University of the Republic (Uruguay) and Barbara Weber from the University of Sant Gallen (Switzerland) have published the work entitled Model-driven management of BPMN-based business process families in the international journal Software and Systems Modelling.

The paper aims to facilitate the management of business process families, reducing technical complexity for end users and increasing usability, reusability and productivity by applying the Model Driven Engineering (MDE) paradigm. A review of the literature is presented where different approaches to modeling business process families based on BPMN are evaluated and a generic approach for the management of process families is proposed, consisting of: a metamodel that conceptualizes the key elements; a high-level process for its management based on model transformations for variant configuration and; a tool to support the complete approach.

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