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1st Quantum Software Engineering and Technology Workshop

14th October 2020

On October 13, the 1st Quantum Software Engineering was held and Technology Workshop organized by our colleagues Ricardo Pérez del Castillo and Mario Piattini together with Guido Peterssen and José Luis Hevia from aQuantum , within the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (IEEE Quantum Week). The keynote was given by Eleanor G. Rieffel, Senior Research Scientist. Lead, Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL) from NASA Ames Research Center .

At the workshop, different papers on Quantum Software Engineering were presented, among them, Ricardo Pérez del Castillo offered an overview of the Talavera Manifesto on Software Engineering and Quantum Programming, and Jose Luis Hevia on the expected requirements of quantum software platforms. Furthermore, Luis Jiménez Navajas from the Alarcos group together with Aurelio Martínez from Alhambra, both members of aQuantum, proposed a tool for the evolution of quantum software.

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