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DMN4DQ: When data Quality meets DMN

24th November 2020

Our colleague Ismael Caballero together with the researchers Álvaro Valencia, Ángel Varela-Vaca and María Teresa Gómez-López from the IDEA group from the University of Seville and María Luisa Parody from the University of Loyola Andalucía have published the paper“ DMN4DQ: When data Quality meets DMN ", in the journal Decision Support Systems (IF: 4.721) of the publishing house Elsevier, in the context of the project ECLIPSE and GEMA.

In this article, researchers have developed a system for generating data usability recommendations using the OMG standard Decision Model And Notation (DMN); furthermore, they have made the operational model using the Camunda reference implementation, a reference implementation of DMN.

The starting hypothesis is that a recommendation on the use of data records can be generated following a decision-making process based on measurement and data quality evaluation. For this, a hierarchical structure of business rules is proposed, which are described and implemented using the FEELs language.

The article collects the elements necessary to define the rules at the different levels of the hierarchy, establishing the relationship between these levels and providing a methodology that will guide the user throughout the entire process. More information on the DMN4DQ website.

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