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Software Verification and Validation Technologies and Tools

21th March 2019

Our director Mario Piattini, Moises Rodriguez director of AQCLab and Christof Ebert, have polished the article titled: Software Verification and Validation Technologies and Tools.

Software quality is more important than ever. Software has become the most important infrastructure of this century. All businesses are software businesses because they base their operations and services on the Internet of things, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, social networks, and so on. The digital transformation between industries depends on the systems working according to their requirements and needs. The importance of software quality has grown considerably in recent years.

Nowadays organizations need to react in a very agile way, they need to have institutionalized software processes and software production techniques in a controlled and secure way. In fact, several companies are introducing wireless updates, DevOps and continuous software engineering. This implies continuous verification and validation beyond the classical smoke tests.

All these agile and continuous software engineering techniques seek the continuous improvement of quality and the fulfillment of the expectations of the users, they need to be supported by adequate tools, they must be efficient, effective and really applicable. These tools could be used by both software developers and software acquirers, who need to verify and validate the software products being outsourced. Software quality assessment could start as a self-assessment (by the software development organization itself), as a second part assessment (by the purchaser of the software product) or as a third part (an accredited laboratory and/or a certification organization).

You can see the full article in English here .

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