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  • Over the course of more than a decade, different security techniques in the design of data warehouses were developed together with the Lucentia group of the University of Alicante, which would give rise to the Lucentia Lab spinoff of the University of Alicante.

    · Developing secure data warehouses with a UML extension . Eduardo Fernández-Medina, Juan Trujillo, Rodolfo Villarroel, Mario Piattini. Inf. Syst. 32(6): 826-856 (2007).
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    · Lucentia Lab.
    Together with the company Sistemas Técnicos de Loterías S.L., a methodology for the development of secure web services was created, applied in several cases and refined by the organization.

    · The practical application of a process for eliciting and designing security in web service systems . Carlos Gutiérrez, David G. Rosado, Eduardo Fernández-Medina. Inf. Softw. Technol. 51(12): 1712-1738 (2009).
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    · Developing web services security systems: a case study . Eduardo Fernández-Medina, Carlos A. Gutiérrez, Mario Piattini. Int. J. Web Eng. Technol. 2(4): 292-306 (2006).
    We have participated in the GOVINDA project, in the development of a system for the optimization of project portfolio management in DevOps environments. As a result: the criteria for the selection of DevOps projects in the portfolio were defined; advanced algorithms based on analytical intelligence were analyzed and chosen to optimize the selection process; and a support tool was developed to automate the management and selection of projects in the portfolio.

    · Novaware en el proyecto GOVINDA.
    · Proyecto GOVINDA.
    Applying a Model Driven Development approach, methods and techniques for building secure information systems were proposed.

    · Proyecto BUSINESS (Construcción de Sistemas de Información Seguros Mediante un Enfoque de Desarrollo Dirigido por Modelos (20/02/2008). Condicionado Al Pet2008-0136.
    · An MDA. appproach to develop secure business processes through a UML 2.0 extension . Alfonso Rodríguez, Eduardo Fernández-Medina, Mario Piattini. . Comput. Syst. Sci. Eng. 22(5) (2007).
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    Together with Indra Software Labs, a repository of metrics and indicators was established to facilitate the governance of global software development. To this end, software product line techniques were applied to build big data in software factories.

    · Proyecto LPS-BIGGER: Software Product Line for Big Data from Innovative Applications in Real World Environments.

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