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  • In collaboration with the General Hospital of Ciudad Real, the business process management paradigm was applied to the management of hospital processes, modeling processes of different complexities, and a process automation tool (BPMS) was implemented for the automated management of the CMA (Major Outpatient Surgery) process.

    · Project: "Application of Business Process Management Tools for Process Improvement in the Health Sector" funded by the Foundation for Health Research of Castilla la Mancha (FISCAM).
    · Process Modeling of the Health Sector Using BPMN: A Case Study. Elvira Rolón Aguilar, Félix García, Francisco Ruiz, Mario Piattini, Luis Calahorra, Marcial García, Rafael Martin (2008). HEALTHINF (2) 2008: 173-178.
    · Business Process Modeling in Healthcare. Francisco Ruiz, Félix García, Luis Calahorra, César Llorente, Luis Gonçalves, Christel Daniel, Bernd Blobel (2012). En Perspectives on Digital Pathology - Results of the COST Action IC0604 EURO-TELEPATH. IOS Press BV. ISBN: 978-1-59904-906-9. The Netherlands.
    · Implementation of the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) in the Modelling of Anatomic Pathology Processes.Marcial García, Elvira Rolón, Luis Calahorra, Félix García, Rosario Sánchez, Francisco Ruiz, Nieves Ballester, María Armenteros, Teresa Rodríguez y Rafael Martín Espartero (2008). Journal Diagnostic Pathology. 3(Supp. 1), S22.1-S22.4. ISSN: 1746-1596.
    · A case study about the improvement of business process models driven by indicators . Laura Sánchez-González, Félix García , Francisco Ruiz , Mario Piattini. Softw. Syst. Model. 16(3): 759-788 (2017).
    For several years, support and training consultancy was provided to implement Enterprise Architecture in the IT management of the University of Seville. The TOGAF framework, Archimate notation and Archi software were used.

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