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  • ArchiMate models were generated with the company SER&Practices of Bari, Italy for the abstraction of the enterprise architecture from source code, applying it on an information system for the maintenance of large ships and cruise ships.

    - ArchiRev - Reverse engineering of information systems toward ArchiMate models. An industrial case study. Ricardo Pérez-Castillo, Danilo Caivano, Francisco Ruiz, Mario Piattini. J. Softw. Evol. Process. 33(2) (2021).
    We worked for several years with the companies ODS/SLIGOS and Atos to create an environment for software maintenance and outsourcing management. This environment included methodologies, estimation techniques, tools, outsourcing governance aspects, etc.

    · Proyecto MANTEMA: a methodology for the maintenance of information systems.
    · Proyecto MANTIS: Comprehensive software maintenance environment.
    · Proyecto MPM: Maintenance Process Improvement.
    · Software Maintenance: Models, techniques and methods for change management.
    · Software Maintenance. Concepts, tools and outsourcing.
    · MANTOOL: a tool for supporting the software maintenance process . Macario Polo Usaola, Mario Piattini, Francisco Ruiz. J. Softw. Maintenance Res. Pract. 13(2): 77-95 (2001).
    · Integrating Outsourcing in the Maintenance Process . Macario Polo, Mario Piattini, Francisco Ruiz. Inf. Technol. Manag. 3(3): 247-269 (2002).
    Taking advantage of the research on software metrics and maintainability, they were adapted for Fourth Generation Languages (L4G) environments for the Diputación de Ciudad Real, which served to improve the maintenance of their information systems and their migration.

    · Measuring for Database Programs Maintainability. Mario Piattini, Antonio Martínez. DEXA 2000: 65-78.
    From business process models, refactoring techniques have been developed, specifically generated by reverse engineering. It has been applied to a banking information system of a bank in collaboration with the consulting firm itestra GmbH, Munich, Germany.

    - Business process model refactoring applying IBUPROFEN. An industrial evaluation. Ricardo Pérez-Castillo, María Fernández-Ropero, Mario Piattini. J. Syst. Softw. 147: 86-103 (2019).
    Software modernization has been carried out through reverse engineering of business process models from software systems. In the system of the regional electronic administration of Galicia of the council of urbanism and housing, in the information system of a chemical laboratory of wastewater analysis, Villasante Lab, Tomelloso.

    - A family of case studies on business process mining using MARBLE. Ricardo Pérez-Castillo, José A. Cruz-Lemus, Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzmán, Mario Piattini. J. Syst. Softw. 85(6): 1370-1385 (2012).
    - Business process archeology using MARBLE. Inf. softw. Ricardo Perez-Castillo, Ignacio Garcia Rodriguez de Guzman, Mario Piattini. Technol. 53(10): 1023-1044 (2011).

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