16th International Conference on Evaluation
& Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE 2012)

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha - Ciudad Real - Spain - 14th-15th May, 2012

How to get to Ciudad Real

In this document, we’ll give you instructions, links and details about how to get to Ciudad Real once your plane has landed in Spain.

The main locations are pointed in this map: http://g.co/maps/qsajm

You arrive at Madrid-Barajas Airport (http://g.co/maps/cy33n), which is located at the north of Madrid. At this point you’ll have to decide between arriving by car or by train to Ciudad Real:

How to get to the Conference Venue

Escuela Superior de Informática –ESI (conference venue) (http://g.co/maps/z7dhx)

Take a 5 mins. walk from the hotel Doña carlotathe ESI (http://g.co/maps/3q788)

We hope this information will be enough for you to get to Ciudad Real safe and sound.

Please, email me (JoseAntonio.Cruz@uclm.es) if you have any other concern related to this.

See you in a few weeks!!

José A. Cruz-Lemus

EASE2012 Organizing Chair

Alarcos Reasearch Group

Alarcos Reasearch Group

Escuela Superior de Informática (Ciudad Real)

Paseo de la Universidad, 4

13071 Ciudad Real

Escuela Superior de Informática (C.Real)

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