GInSEng 2016

2 nd Green in Software Engineering Workshop

29 th August 2016, Amsterdan

Workshop Development

The workshop will be divided in two parts:

  • during the first part all the accepted contributions would be presented during 20 minutes. Each of them would finish with a question for the audience
  • the second part will be a debate where questions raised by the presenters will be answered. Also during the second part it would be possible to discuss ideas, opinions and concerns trying to achieve researchers and practitioners interests convergence

As in the last edition we must work to ensure that the themes related to the environment are part of our work as software engineers as happens on other ICT areas. Moreover, this must happen assuring that research is aligned with industry and industry relies on research.

If you have an idea or you are curious, if you actively participate in protecting, or are concerned about the environment, or if you are simply a software engineer who is aware of environmental issues, then we await your contribution.

Last updated: July 26, 2016