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D2CR: Depopulation and Depopulation in the province of Ciudad Real

Through a website, an open repository is offered with more than half a million data on depopulation and depopulation in the province of Ciudad Real, which can also be consulted through a series of dashboards that offer interactive and visual tables, graphs and maps.

Alarcos COVID-19

Alarcos COVID-19 is an application formed by two dashboards to make interactive queries of data on the evolution of the

Modernization Approach for Recovering Business processes from LEgacy Systems (MARBLE)

MARBLE is a framework that focuses on the reverse engineering stage in the horseshoe modernization model to obtain business processes from legacy information systems.

Systematic Literature Review Tool

Tool to carry out systematic reviews of the literature.
SLR-Tool allows to automate each one of the stages of the process to carry out systematic reviews of the literature proposed in (Kitchenham & Charters, 2007).


Test generation tool developed in JAVA.

Business Process Archaeology

The objective of this site is to gather all the information related to the archaeology of business processes, including the latest techniques, methods and tools for the recovery of business processes from legacy systems through reverse engineering.

Business Process Model Improvement based on Measurement Activities.

BPMIMA is a framework composed of a set of activities, a group of quality characteristics, a group of indicators, a measurement and evaluation tool and some guidelines for the modeling of business processes in order to obtain models with high levels of quality.


The general objective is to increase the level of competitiveness of Ibero-American software SMEs through the creation and dissemination of a common methodological framework that, adjusted to their specific needs, may become the basis on which to establish a mechanism for evaluation and certification of the software industry recognized throughout Ibero-America.

Process Engineering Software (IPSW)

In this website are collected some information, documents, tools, developments and references about Software Process Engineering (IPSW), also known as Method Engineering.


This page contains the elements that make up the MINERVA framework, grouped by the dimensions defined: conceptual, methodological and tool support.

Global Software Development Tools (ToolsSGD)

This website describes the different tools that can be used for both Global Development and Distributed Software.

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