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Governance and Management of Information Technologies and Systems

18 de February del 2020

Mario Piattini and Francisco Ruiz are the authors of a new book: Governance and Management of Information Technologies and Systems published by RA-MA.

Issues related to the Governance and Management of Information Technology and Systems (IST) have always been of concern not only to CIOs but also to CEOs.

This situation has become much more pressing in recent years as organisations have to make changes to business models, major process disruptions and genuine digital transformations, making good governance and excellent management of ISTs essential.

It should be borne in mind that IST governance and management is unique and particular to each organisation, so in this book we provide an overview of the different good practices, frameworks and standards proposed, to serve as a basis for the reader to create the most appropriate governance and management system.

Throughout this work, scientific rigour has been combined with practical experience, addressing aspects of strategic alignment, value optimisation, risk and resource management related to ISTs.

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