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Special issue on quality management for information systems

23 de April del 2020

Our colleagues Mario Piattini, Ignacio García-Rodríguez de Guzmán and Ricardo Pérez-Castillo have edited a special issue on Quality in Information Systems, Special issue on quality management for information systems in the magazine Software Quality Journal from the publisher SPRINGER.


IS quality has become a strategic objective that directly impacts the success of all companies. However, since technologies and paradigms (both those that support software and those that develop it) are continuously evolving, quality methods and tools must also be updated.

It is also crucial to identify current trends and the most influential technologies (such as big data and machine learning), and to reconsider traditional processes (e.g. software design, development and testing), with the aim of reformulating the mechanisms and, in doing so, ensuring quality and maintaining the value that these processes bring to the companies.

This special issue consists of 11 articles that present a realistic view of current research and practice, and provide the state of the art with respect to the quality of IS engineering and maintenance.

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