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QuantumPath: A quantum software development platform

05 de January del 2022

Our colleague Mario Piattini together with José Luis Hevia and Guido Peterssen from aQuantum have published the article: "QuantumPath: A quantum software development platform" in the magazine the Journal of Software: Practice and Experience of Wiley.

As we know, quantum computing has undergone a breakthrough. Several companies are taking up the challenge of designing and manufacturing quantum computers, and the supply of tools for the development of quantum software continues to grow. This article discusses quantum software development tools and introduces the QuantumPath® platform.

QuantumPath® adheres to several important principles such as: agnosticity, extensibility, integration, independence, optimization, scalability, security, usability, and software engineering support. This article presents both the architecture itself and the main tools that make up the platform, in order to illustrate the support it provides for the development and execution of quantum software.

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