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D2CR - Depopulation and Depopulation in the Province of Ciudad Real

07 de March del 2022

On 1 March, our colleague Francisco Ruiz, together with geography teacher Angel Raul Ruiz, presented the 2021 report and results of the project to the media D2CR – Despoblación y Despoblamiento en la Provincia de Ciudad Real. Presented by the Vice-President for Rural Development, Tourism and Sustainability of the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real, host and sponsor of the project, the two professors explained the latest demographic developments included in the new report, with a special section that analyses in depth the residential variations (migrations) to and from the province, and each of its 102 municipalities, in the period 2001-2020, comparing what happened before the crisis of 2009, during and after. Once the main demographic developments had been summarised, Francisco Ruiz gave a practical demonstration of the options available in the web del proyecto.
This tool for analysis and diagnosis of the phenomenon, which is a pioneer in Spain, offers, among others, options to: obtain all the written reports (in PDF) and the multiple data files (in Excel format) that complement them; consult and download more than 560 thousand raw data that can be filtered by themes, territories and time periods; and display 5 interactive dashboards, very visual and intuitive, to 'look' through tables, graphs and maps the demography (population evolution, characteristics by age, sex and origin, births and deaths), migrations and the socio-economic situation, both of the province and of a specific municipality, region or other areas of the province.

The presentation has been reported in the media:

     El Español + El Digital de CLM
     Cadena SER
     La Tribuna
     Onda Cero
     Europa Press
     Onda Cero
     Europa Press
     Diario de La Mancha
     Radio DB95FM
     It is also included on the website of the Provincial Council

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