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Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

07 de June del 2019

Our colleague Javier Mancebo finishes his doctoral stay at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld which belongs to the University of Trier.

During the months of March to June, Javier was working with the research group of professor Stefan Naumann (Institut Software Systems). This group has a long research trajectory related to green and sustainable software. They are the authors of the work that is considered the beginning of Green Software research. This work defines the GREENSOFT Model, which includes different criteria and metrics to evaluate the sustainability of software products.

In this period of time, the comparison of the software energy efficiency measurement approaches carried out in both research groups was carried out. With the aim of knowing whether, through their combination, it is possible to carry out more complete and accurate studies on the energy consumption of the software. This study served to identify strengths and weaknesses of each of the methods of measuring the energy consumption of a software when it is executed.

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