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Alhambra-Eidos signs an agreement with the University of Castilla-La Mancha in the field of quantum R&D

13 de December del 2019

Alhambra-Eidos, a company committed since 1991 to offering maximum quality both in global IT projects and in managed services or in the cloud, cybersecurity, secure software solutions, quantum software development and benchmark technological training in our country, has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Castilla-La Mancha in the fields of quantum R&D.

With this alliance both institutions intend to create a framework for collaboration that allows the development of actions of scientific significance, focused on technological innovation related to software engineering and quantum programming.

In order to follow up the actions, a Joint Commission has been created, made up of the UCLM on the one hand:
    Mario Piattini Velthuis, Professor and Director of Grupo Alarcos.
    Ricardo Pérez del Castillo, Doctor in Computer Science and Professor at UCLM.
    Manuel Ángel Serrano, Doctor in Computer Science and Full Professor at UCLM.

On the other hand Alhambra-Eidos:
   Guido Peterssen Nodarse, Director of R&D&i and Software Solutions.
   José Luis Hevia, Technical Manager Software Solutions.
   Juan José Gómez Borrallo, Consultant R+D+i.

Referring to the agreement Peterssen says: "This agreement means a lot to our company, as it opens the doors to new and interesting collaborations, which will help us to deepen the field of quantum software engineering and programming, contributing to the channelling of the quantum computing knowledge generated in these processes to UCLM students. For this reason, this is a pioneering university-industry agreement in Castilla La Mancha, of unquestionable importance that will bring important advances. to the region ".

For his part, Dr. Piattini says: "It is a unique opportunity, because with the collaboration of Alhambra-Eidos will be able to propose and refine - in real cases - different techniques of the Software Engineering to create quantum software with the necessary quality and thus provide systems that can solve economic and social problems that currently it is not possible to address with the software "classic".

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