Tavola Rotonda ISO 25000  

08 de November del 2019

Our director Mario Piattini participated in the ISO 25000 Round Table held in Rome on 30 October 2019, in which several international experts from the group of work ISO/IEC JTC1q SC7 WG6 ...New article published by Bruno Marinho Santos, André de Souza Landi, Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzmán, Mario Piattini ... Read Complete News

InnoSoft Days
07 de November del 2019

Our colleague Coral Calero participated on November 4 as a speaker at InnoSoft Days Read Complete News

Extending Data Quality Management for Smart Connected Product Operations
21 de October del 2019

Our colleague Ismael Caballero, investigator of the protection DQIoT of the program EUREKA, have participated as... Read Complete News