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Software Refactoring for System Modernization

19th December 2018

Recently, professors Mario Piattini and Ignacio García have published the article "Software Refactoring for System Modernization" in the IEEE Software magazine.     Read Complete News

Architecture Directed by Models, Refactoring and Sustainability: Strengthening lines of work with Brazil

05th December 2018

Last November, our colleague Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzmán visited the Federal University of São Carlos to work on the project "An Approach Supported by Tests for Architectural Modernization of Adaptive Systems".     Read Complete News

"Present, Past and Future of Empirical Software Engineering"

30th November 2018

Our collage Marcela Genero Bocco has given a plenary lecture on "Present, Past and Future of Empirical Software Engineering"     Read Complete News

Ana Fernández Saéz defends her thesis

23th November 2018

Ana Fernández Saéz has defended her doctoral thesis entitled "Study of the benefits of using UML in software maintenance: an evidence-based approach"     Read Complete News

How to approach a doctoral thesis in Software Engineering combining research methods?

20th November 2018

Our colleague Marcela Genero Bocco gave a seminar at the Department of Computer Systems and Computing of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.     Read Complete News

Congratulations Mario Piattini

08th November 2018

According to the study carried out by the platform ScienceDirect, our colleague Mario Piattini is among the 20 best researchers in the world most active in Software Engineering. >     Read Complete News


27th October 2018

Members of the Alarcos Group participate in the organization of HACKATHON 2018.     Read Complete News

FEETINGS: A Framework for Software Sustainability

19th October 2018

The Alarcos group presented at the SISTEDES Conference, held in Seville from 17 to 20 October 2018.     Read Complete News

Application of Data Analytics to the Study of Depopulation in the Province of Ciudad Real

11th October 2018

Our colleague Francisco Ruiz participates in the project team "Application of Data Analytics to the Study of Depopulation in the Province of Ciudad Real".     Read Complete News

ISO/IEC 29110 para procesos software en las pequeñas empresas

05th October 2018

New book published by members of Grupo Alarcos     Read Complete News


27th September 2018

New book published by members of Grupo Alarcos     Read Complete News

Round tables SISTEDES 2018

21th September 2018

Our director Mario Piattini participates in the invited talks and round tables of the SISTEDES 2018 congress in Seville (Spain).     Read Complete News

Definition and Validation Of Consistency Rules between UML diagrams

14th September 2018

Damiano Cosimo Torre he defended his PhD Thesis in Ottawa (Canada)     Read Complete News

Conference in Puglia (Italy)

13th September 2018

Our director Mario Piattini presents the conference: "Sustainability and quality of the software".     Read Complete News

First annual meeting of Experts in Quality, Management and Data Governance

31th August 2018

The first annual meeting of Experts on Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data Governance was held at the ITSI in Ciudad Real from 22 to 24 June 2018.     Read Complete News

XXIII European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

20th August 2018

Our colleague Julio Moreno attended the XXIII European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (EuroPLoP).     Read Complete News

Enterprise architecture, architecture will not be

23th July 2018

Our colleague Francisco Ruiz has given a guest lecture entitled "Enterprise Architecture, will be architecture or will not be".     Read Complete News

JNIC 2018

18th July 2018

Our colleague Manuel Ángel Serrano has attended the IV National Conference on Cybersecurity Research (JNIC) held in San Sebastián, Spain.     Read Complete News

6º Workshop Internacional Green and Sustainable Software (GREENS)

10th July 2018

Our colleague Javier Mancebo Pavón attended the 6th International Green and Sustainable Software Workshop (GREENS), held in Gothenburg, Sweden.     Read Complete News

New Full Professor

03th July 2018

On June 22, 2018, our colleague Félix Oscar García Rubio passed the tests to become a professor at the Escuela Superior de Informática de Ciudad Real (ESI).     Read Complete News

New Article Published

22th June 2018

Members of the group together with the collaboration of the University of Bari, have published a study that analyzes the effect of the refactoring of business process models.     Read Complete News

Frontiers of Knowledge BBVA

15th June 2018

Our director Mario Piattini has served as secretary of the ICT jury of the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge awards, delivering the awards to the world's leading experts in cryptology.     Read Complete News

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