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BIZDEVOPS-GLOBAL (A Technological and Methodological Sustainable Framework for Software Development aligned with Business in DevOps Global)

Financed by: Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and FEDER funds
Total Amount: 229900 €
Identifier Code: RTI2018-098309-B-C31


In general terms, this project focuses on providing companies with the appropriate means for the current scenario of the software industry. More specifically, the planned contributions can be framed in the area of Continuous Software Engineering (Fitzgerald & Stol, 2017), in which the business perspective is integrated with the philosophy of continuous software development and, furthermore, the development is more aligned and coordinated with operations.

A complete framework for the application of BizDevOps should therefore for software companies.

The co-located, distributed and global scenarios will, therefore, be proposed for this purpose.

All this will be done by taking advantage of previous experience in projects developed jointly by the three research teams that have laid important foundations for the opening of this new line, innovative both nationally and internationally, and focus on the impact of the paradigm of the continuous that software development is having on the software business.

Investigadores Principales:

Otros Investigadores:

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