CYBERDATA (Evaluation and Certification of Data Cybersecurity)

Financed by: JCCM and FEDER funds
Total Amount: 0 €
Identifier Code: UCTR180217


The main objective of the CIBERDATA project is the construction of an environment that allows companies and public bodies to offer evaluation and certification services for cybersecurity of data.

This main objective is to be addressed through the following specific objectives:

This framework will consist of the following elements:

1.- Define a model for the evaluation of data cybersecurity. Data cybersecurity is one of the quality characteristics most demanded by companies today. Therefore, in CIBERDATA we intend to create an operational model that allows, from the results obtained for a set of basic metrics (which will have to be defined), to determine the level of cyber security of data against a specification of business rules. To develop a methodology for the evaluation and certification of the cybersecurity of the data that describes the activities that have to be executed to carry out an evaluation and certification of cybersecurity (when the certified element is the data), as well as the roles and work products that are handled. This methodology will also be related and integrated with the evaluation methodology that AQCLab already has. Furthermore, for this methodology, the main norms and standards such as ISO/IEC 17021 will be taken into account, which define the requirements that must be met when performing certification audits. Know the necessary tools and develop a first prototype environment that allows, as far as possible, automate and assist in the calculation of basic metrics to be defined, as well as the evaluation process that generates the values for the subfeatures of cyber data security. Validate the model and the methodology through the corresponding case studies, which will allow to demonstrate the validity of the evaluation and certification methodological environments created, to detect the possible improvements that are necessary, as well as to present the results to the software industry.


Main Researchers:
1) Ismael Caballero Muñoz-Reja

Other Researchers:
2) Félix Óscar García Rubio
3) María Angélica Caro Gutiérrez
4) Alfonso Rodriguez Ríos

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