D2CR: Depopulation and Depopulation in the province of Ciudad Real

Financed by: Your Excellency, the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real
Total Amount: 39018 €
Identifier Code: CONV190384

The D2CR project (Depopulation and Depopulation in the Municipalities of the Province of Ciudad Real) seeks to help combat the demographic problem in the province of Ciudad Real more effectively. It is based on a key idea that, the Nobel Prize of Economy Joseph Stiglitz, summarized in a clear way: "You can´t improve what you can´t measure". In this line, in D2CR several tools are developed and made available to the society in order to know adequately the problem, a necessary step to take more effective decisions. The results included in this website reflect the joint work of experts in demography and computer science, showing the potential to create synergies between these disciplines, which are a priori so distant. D2CR serves to better face the demographic problem avoiding generalizations, by definition incorrect, since the situation is quite different in some territories and in others, also within the province of Ciudad Real. It also provides the key indicators to analyze the situation, that is, it tells us what to measure and how to measure it.

D2CR is funded by the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real and is carried out by a team of research professors from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, belonging to the departments of Information Technologies and Systems, and Geography and Land Management. The project is the continuation and extension of previous work dedicated to studying the phenomenon of depopulation in the province of Ciudad Real. Its main objective is to facilitate the study, analysis and decision making about the demographic problem in the province of Ciudad Real. To this end, the project´s website (https://d2cr.uclm.es) includes options that seek to facilitate any person, without special technical knowledge, to know in detail the population reality of the province and its municipalities and areas. Citizens, media, researchers of the territory and its population and socioeconomic situation, heads of social organizations or local and provincial authorities are the potential users of the results of the D2CR project.

The main tools and contents offered on the website are the following:
query module, accessible in the Queries menu, which allows searching the complete data repository (more than half a million, resulting from the processing of almost 20 million original records), to select and extract the specific data that the user wants, filtering by territories, time periods and/or subjects. These data contain information for the province, its 102 municipalities and intermediate territories (counties, judicial districts, local action groups, etc). This repository follows the philosophy of “open data”, which is fundamental to making the principle of transparency in citizen access to information effective.
Additionally, in the menu “Data, Territories and Sources”, more than 200 different variables are explained, each one of which refers to a specific subject of which there are values for the different territories, such as population density, percentage of population over 64 years old or unemployment rate. Also included is the list of territories grouped by type (municipalities, counties, judicial parties, local action groups, province, etc.), and the sources from which the data come.

Investigadores Principales:

Otros Investigadores:
2) Manuel Ángel, Serrano Martín
3) Ángel Raúl Ruiz Pulpón

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