DQIoT (Development of the framework of data quality management for vitalization of IoT products - a case of gas turbines)

Financed by: : IE/AQCLab - CDTI-EUREKA
Total Amount: 234869 €
Identifier Code: UCTR170338

The overall objective of the international project is to develop a framework to properly manage the quality of data used in IoT environments; this environment will be based on the international standards ISO 8000 parts 60 to 62. In addition, it will be customized for a gas turbine context.

This framework will consist of the following elements:

  • A Process Reference Framework (MRP) for data quality management in Smart, Connected Products (SCP) operations based on international standards.
  • A Process Evaluation Model (PEM) for the evaluation of the organizational maturity of data quality management in SCP deployments based on international standards.
  • The necessary indicators and the corresponding questionnaires to measure the capacity of the processes.
  • Algorithms for the analysis of data sensors, diagnosis and improvement of data quality.
  • Plataformas informáticas para la gestión de la calidad de los datos aplicables en las operaciones de CPS.

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