G3SOFT: Engineering models for governance and development management

Financed by: JCCM Consejería de Educación y Cultura y Deportes, and ERDF Funds
Total Amount: 175895 €
Identifier Code: SBPLY/17/180501/000150

The G3SOFT project focuses on improving the governance and management of global software development projects, hereinafter GSD for 'global software development', through the application of model engineering, focusing on the aspects of communication, coordination and learning-training. This general objective is specified in three partial objectives:

- OP1: Study the application of models to the governance and management of the GSD.
- OP2: Develop a method to improve the governance and management of the GSD.
- OP3: Develop a tool to support GSD governance and management.

The motivation of the project is that, after several decades of studying the problem of software development in general, and global development in particular, it is known that the causes of failures in real projects are mostly on the non-technological side, in issues related to human, social and organizational factors. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of failure in globalized projects, and/or reduce the negative impacts, it is necessary to support with better tools, methodological and technological, those responsible for governing and managing such projects.

In contrast to previous research, the problem is approached in a novel way: applying model engineering (MDE), understood as a transversal engineering that supports other engineering fields (in our case software engineering) with concepts, principles, methods, techniques and technology. More specifically, G3SOFT intends to make contributions to GSD by combining MDE, enterprise architectures and business process maps and models. MDE will be studied as a conceptual and methodological tool useful to face the complexity of governance and management of global software development. Utilities of models that go beyond the usual in software engineering (guiding the implementation) will be discussed, such as specifying the relationships and behavior of all the elements to be considered, facilitating communication with the different stakeholders, understanding the organization and the projects addressed, reasoning and validating decision making, or guiding changes (from as-is to to-be). Metamodels, transformations, multidimensional model management and megamodels will be some of the aspects of MDE whose usefulness will be studied. Within the governance and management of global software development, ways to improve the coordination, communication and training aspects will be specially investigated. In this last aspect, the use of serious games to train those responsible for carrying out projects or managing globalized services will be studied.

The main findings of the project will be reflected in a method to improve the governance and management of global software development projects, and in a software tool to support it. A validation will be carried out to check the extent to which both, method and tool, are robust and useful enough to be implemented in some software development factory, especially among those located in Castilla-La Mancha.

Investigadores Principales:

Otros Investigadores:
3) Félix Óscar García Rubio
4) María Angélica Caro Gutiérrez
5) Alfonso Rodriguez Ríos

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