GEMA: Generation and Evaluation of Models for dAta quality

Financed by: JCCM Consejería de Educación y Cultura y Deportes, and ERDF Funds
Total Amount: 153871 €
Identifier Code: SBPLY/17/180501/000293

Data is the fundamental element of digital transformation or disruption. In fact, the technological advances we are experiencing in recent years, such as cloud computing, internet of things and social networks, have caused the amount of data generated by and made available to organizations to increase exponentially and accumulate at an unprecedented rate.

All the strategic sectors identified in the RIS3 of Castilla-La Mancha (agri-food, tourism, environment and energy, bioeconomy, etc.) as well as the cross-cutting factors of the region's smart specialization strategy (Health, ICT, Logistics Innovation, etc.) are not oblivious to this fact, since all of them depend on the data and the quality of such data to optimize their competitiveness and proper functioning.

In recent years, several data quality standards and reference models have been defined, both for data governance and management processes and for the quality of the data itself (ISO 8000, DMM, DCAM, ISO/IEC 25012, etc.). However, for any data quality reference model to be useful, it is necessary to adapt it to the specific contexts of the different fields to which it is applied (banking, insurance, health, public administrations, agri-food sector, etc.) since there are legislative, regulatory, technological, security, etc. conditioning factors that make it necessary to modify and particularize data governance, management and quality processes based on a common reference framework and, in some cases, it is even necessary to introduce some new processes or rules and dimensions that affect the data itself.

In order to manage these adaptations, the "GEMA" project (Generation and Evaluation of dAtos Quality Models) is proposed, whose main objective is to "define and validate techniques for generating, adapting, evaluating and improving data quality models".

Investigadores Principales:

Otros Investigadores:
3) Ismael Caballero Muñoz-Reja
4) Ana Isabel Gómez Carretero
5) Javier Verdugo Lara
6) Bibiano Rivas Garcia
7) Fernando Gualo Cejudo
8) Francisco José Pino Correa

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