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Q-SERV (Quantum Service Engineering: Development Quality, Testing & Security of Quantum Microservices)

Financed by: Ministry of Science and Innovation and ERDF Funds
Total Amount: 121363 €
Identifier Code: PID2021-124054OB-C32

The Q-SERV-UCLM subproject - Testing and Quality Assessment of Quantum Software (part of the QSERV project) aims to develop the necessary techniques and tools to manage quality aspects of quantum software (developed under the universal quantum computing paradigm) from two points of view: testing and quality assurance. This responds to a growing need for Quantum Software Engineering to provide quantum software developers with techniques and tools from an engineering point of view, facing the challenges posed by quantum computing, and avoiding a software crisis like the one experienced in classical computing in the 1960s. Thus, the aim is to contribute to Quantum Software Engineering by: (i) reformulating the quantum software testing process, taking into account aspects such as the stochastic nature of quantum circuits, the impossibility of consulting the state of the cubits during the execution of a circuit, etc., as well as the application of testing techniques to quantum software, as well as the application of classical testing techniques that have proven to be highly efficient (e.g. mutation testing); and ii) developing quality models for quantum software that take into account the new characteristics and quality attributes derived from this new paradigm, thus enabling quantum software quality assurance to be carried out. Given that it is already possible to find different platforms and programming languages for quantum software, this research will be developed at two levels of abstraction: i) a platform-agnostic level in which we will work with models focused on representing quantum software in the form of quantum circuit models (or PIM level), and ii) a specific level for which we will consider more specific restrictions that may occur in quantum software depending on the platform in which it is expressed (or PSM level).

Main Researchers:
1) Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzman
2) Moisés Rodríguez Monje

Other Researchers:
3) Mario Piattini Velthuis
4) Macario Polo Usaola
5) Antonio García de la Barrera Amo
6) Francisco José Pino Correa
7) Danilo Caivano
8) Ana María Fernández Saéz
9) Javier Verdugo Lara
10) Jesús Ramón Oviedo Lama

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