TESTIMO: Improving the Software Testing Process based on your Manual Tasks

Financed by: JCCM Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, and FEDER funds
Total Amount: 149147 €
Identifier Code: SBPLY/17/180501/000503


Despite the technological advances in the software development environments themselves, the testing process remains one of the bottlenecks when it comes to the final deployment of the software. However, testing remains the key to the successful completion of software development projects. Moreover, the testing process is becoming more important in a technological scenario where more and more technological environments are appearing in the current market and less time to market is available for the teams to bring development projects to a successful situation.
The importance of testing as a process that requires rigour, reliability, application to the most important technologies at present and commitment to current and future requirements of sustainability, makes the Alarcos Group currently involved in the GINSENG projects (TIN2015-70259-C2-1-R), where one of the focuses is on the optimized development of test suites that allow maximum test coverage with the least number of test cases, and SMACTESTING (ITC-20151305), where techniques and tools for SMACT technologies (Mobile, IoT, GIS and Big Data) are being developed. However, even with the challenges that are currently working, it has been detected that there are manual tasks in the testing process that so far have been impossible to automate, and that cause this process remains a very expensive, sometimes superficial, and that fails to test all possible scenarios of use of the system, resulting in software defects and development projects that fail. The most complex manual tasks (susceptible of being automated) in the field of software development identified are (i) the identification of test scenarios (to be performed manually by the tester) and (ii) the design of test oracles (which turns out to be a highly tedious task, slow, specific to the test to be performed and rarely reusable). For this reason, in addition to being promising at the academic level, this project has very competitive advantages for the industrial fabric of the region of Castilla-La Mancha, directly impacting on an improvement of the cross-cutting factors ICT (which impacts on all SMEs and software development factories) and internationalization, present in the RIS3 of the region.
For this reason, the "TESTIMO" project (Improvement of the Software Testing Process based on its Manual Tasks) has as its main objective "Defining and validating techniques through which to achieve a high degree of automation of the non-automatic tasks of the software testing process".

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