variant Eclipse Process Composer


This video presents the creation of a variant rich process, as well as the previous configuration of the tool.


SPEM notation is currently supported by means of an Eclipse plugin, called the Eclipse Process Framework (namely, EPF Composer). It includes the method variability mechanisms, which are not the most suitable mechanisms with which to tailor software processes.

This framework has now been improved to VEPF, with the aim of it supporting the vSPEM language, and these variability mechanisms are included in the Variant-Rich Process Paradigm. The development of VEPF has been divided into two versions: VEPF 1.0, which is focused on executing reverse engineering over EPF and implementing both the on-point variations and the documentation, and VEPF 2.0, which is planned to fully support crosscutting variations and rationale management. The first version is currently fully operative, while the second is under implementation.



-The creation of the structure of a Variant-Rich Processes from method content elements:

oCore Process, Variation Points and Variants.

oDependences between Variants and Variation Points to guarantee the consistence of the resulting tailored process.

-The creation of tailored processes from variation mechanisms defined in the VRP, i.e., to define specific processes by occupying the variation points with the variants which fit the process in a particular context. 

-Management of the documentation and related knowledge of the variant rich processes 

Version 2.0 coming soon...

Functionality. Version 1.0



Management of dependencies with vEPF

Tailoring a process from a variant rich process

Creating a tailoring report

Complete tutorial