1st Web Services Quality Workshop 


General Information

Web Services is an emerging technology driven by the will to securely expose business logic beyond the firewall. Through Web services companies can encapsulate existing business processes, publish them as services, and let other companies access these services.

However, from a customer point of view, there may be hundreds of similar Web Services to choose from making it difficult to make a decision. This necessity is being covered by specialist directories and Web Service brokerages becoming available. These brokerages give you additional information about your Web Service or Web Service provider to enabling you to make an informed decision.

This information will need to include quality criteria that assess the quality of the service, the readiness of the WS provider, the degree of engagement of the provider or the latency of the service just to mention a few.

This workshop aims to promoting all the areas related to the quality of the web services by giving to the researchers of the area the opportunity of sharing their works and a place for discussion.


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