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  • Research Methods in
    Computer Science

    13th March 2023

    Our colleagues Marcela Genero, José Antonio Cruz-Lemus and Mario Piattini, together with Oscar Díaz from the UPV, have published the book "Métodos de Investigación en Informática" on Amazon, available in both Kindle and paperback versions.

    This book presents an overview of the main research methods applicable in computer science, both primary (design science, surveys, case studies, experiments, action research) and secondary (systematic literature reviews), showing concrete examples of the application of the methods and highlighting the main problems in their use, as well as in the collaboration between industry and academia. It also provides a bibliography and resources that can help in the more effective use of the methods.

    As Professor Antonio Vallecillo points out in the foreword: "This book makes a considerable contribution to directing computer science research towards its main objective, by clearly defining its nature and compiling the research techniques currently most widely used in this field..... Successfully addressing the challenge of improving computer science research will determine our impact and thus the success of our profession in the future".

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