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  • MARISMA-BiDa pattern: Integrated risk analysis for big data

    11th January 2021

    Our colleagues David G. Rosado, Julio Moreno, Luis E. Sánchez, Antonio Santos-Olmo, Manuel A. Serrano and Eduardo Fernández-Medina, have published the article entitled: MARISMA-BiDa Pattern: Integrated Risk Analysis for Big Data in Editorial Computers & Security magazine Elsevier .

    Article Summary

    Data is one of the most important assets for all types of companies, which have undoubtedly increased its quantity and the ways to exploit it.

    Big Data appears in this context as a set of technologies that manage data to obtain information that supports decision-making. These systems they were not designed to be safe, which creates significant risks that must be controlled. Security risks in Big Data must be analyzed and managed in a adequate way to protect the system and secure the information and data that are handled.

    This work proposes a risk analysis approach for Big Data environments, which is based on a security analysis methodology called MARISMA (Methodology for Risk Analysis in Information Systems), supported by a technological environment in the cloud (eMARISMA tool) already used by numerous clients.

    Both MARISMA and eMARISMA are specifically designed to easily adapt to particular contexts, such as Big Data. Our proposal, called MARISMA-BiDa, is based on the main related standards, such as ISO / IEC 27,000 and 31,000, or the NIST Big Data reference architecture or the recommendations of ENISA and CSA for Big Data.

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