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  • In various projects with several companies we have created techniques and tools to collect and use knowledge about software development and maintenance.

    - Towards a reduction of architectural knowledge vaporization during global agile software development. Gilberto Borregoa, Alberto L.Morána, Ramón R. Palacio, Aurora Vizcaíno, Félix O.García. Inf. Softw. Technol. 112: 68-82 (2019).
    - A framework for improving communication during the requirements elicitation process in GSD projects . Gabriela N. Aranda, Aurora Vizcaino, Mario Piattini. Requir. Eng. 15(4): 397-417 (2010).
    - Development of knowledge management systems from a knowledge-based and multi-agent approach. Aurora Vizcaino, Juan Pablo Soto, Javier Portillo-Rodriguez, Mario Piattini. Int. J. Knowl. Manag. 3(4): 67-83 (2007).
    - A multi-agent system for knowledge management in software maintenance. Aurora Vizcaino, Jesus Favela, Mario Piattini. KES 2003: 415-421.
    We collaborated with Indra in the study on Offshoring of software development in India.
    We developed a tool for the calculation of socio-technical congruence, which can be defined as a measure that evaluates the "fit" between the structure of a software system and the structure of the organization that develops it, ultimately serving as an intuitive way to compare the coordination effort in a software development project with the actual coordination that is happening.

    - Using agents to manage Socio-Technical Congruence in a Global Software Engineering project. Javier Portillo-Rodriguez, Aurora Vizcaino, Mario Piattini, Sarah Beecham. Inf. Sci. 264: 230-259 (2014).
    - ORIGIN: Innovative Global Smart Organizations project.
    - Indra leads Origin R&D project to optimize software development in global companies.
    Work was done to increase productivity and improve the quality of software products developed in global scenarios based on organizational intelligence and innovation and solving the problems of communication, coordination and control that arise in this type of development. This work helped to promote the role of Spain as a destination and origin of software factories, in addition to having a model exportable to other countries and companies.

    - Visualisation environment for global software development management. Félix García , Maria Ángeles Moraga , Manuel A. Serrano , Mario Piattini. IET Softw. 9(2): 51-64 (2015).
    - ORIGIN: Innovative Global Smart Organizations project.
    - Indra leads the Origin R&D project to optimize software development in global companies.
    With Lero (Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software) in Ireland, we have developed a virtual training environment that helps to understand key issues in global software development and other cultural interaction issues by simulating realistic interactions between people in the workplace. A patent was obtained for the developed system.

    - VENTURE: Towards a framework for simulating GSD in educational environments . Miguel J. Monasor, Aurora Vizcaíno, Mario Piattini. RCIS 2011: 1-10.
    - Providing Training in GSD by Using a Virtual Environment . Miguel J. Monasor, Aurora Vizcaíno, Mario Piattini. PROF 2012: 203-217. - .
    With the company Alhambra-Eidos, a new outsourcing model was developed for the provision of remote and real-time software development services based on innovation in the areas of IT governance, process, and quality assurance methods. Software tools were also implemented to manage the governance of outsourced services.

    - Project MEVALHE: ALHambra-Eidos Virtual Outsourcing Model.

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