BPMIMA is a framework composed of a set of activities, a group of quality characteristics, a group of  indicators, a tool for measurement and evaluation and some guidelines for business process modeling with  the purpose of obtaining models with a high quality levels  INDICATORS BP  MODELS GUIDELINES FOR BP MODELING BPMMETool THRESHOLD  EXCEEDED MEASURE - MENT EVALUATION REDESIGN MEASUREMENT RESULTS BPMQC INPUT OUTPUT INPUT OUTPUT OUTPUT INPUT USES USES USES The set of activities for business process model improvement is measurement, evaluation and redesign, they should be applied after the Design and Analysis lifecycle stage.  Our work is based principally in three quality characteristics: understandability, modifiability and  correctness. These characteristics gives a first approximation of quality for process models. Indicators are measures (in this case for business process models [1]) with associated decision criteria. Decision criteria are defined by associating thresholds to measurement results [2]. They let us to give an objective assessment of the model’ quality [1][2]. Indicators are described in here. Some guidelines for business process modeling has been designed using the indicators and based on strong empirical foundations [2][3]. These guidelines are advices about how to deal with modeling tasks. Guidelines are described in here.  BPMMETool is a prototype tool which can be used for measuring models and it gives a quality assessment. Moreover, it includes the guidelines in order to help in improving the level of quality. A demo of this tool can be seen in here.   [1] Sánchez-González, L., F. García, F. Ruiz and M. Piattini (2010). Measurement in Business Processes: a Systematic Review. Business process Management Journal 16(1): 114-134. [2] Sánchez-González, L., F. García, J. Mendling and F. Ruiz (2010). Quality Assessment of Business Process Models Based on Thresholds. CoopIS 2010 - 18th International conference on Cooperative Information Systems: 78-95. [3] Mendling, J., L. Sánchez González, F. García and M. La Rosa (2012). Thresholds for Error Probability Measures of Business [4] Process Models. International Journal of Systems and Software 85(5): 1188-1197.  Sánchez González, L., F. García, F. Ruiz and J. Mendling (2012). Quality Indicators for Business Process Models from a Gateway Complexity Perspective. Information and Software Technology in press.  Authored: Laura Sánchez-González, Félix García, Francisco Ruiz; Last updated: February 2015 More Information: University of Castilla-La Mancha Alarcos Research Group: +34 926 295300 ext.96678 Ciudad Real - Spain                      Laura Sánchez-González, Félix García, Francisco Ruiz